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Fall Creek Falls State Park

Fall Creek Falls

Inside Fall Creek Falls State Park is one of the highest waterfalls east of the Rocky Mountains, Fall Creek Falls, plunging 256 feet into a shaded pool at the base of its gorge. The park's other falls, (Piney, Cane Creek and Cane Creek Cascades), though smaller, are just as impressive.

Located less than 10 minutes from Cozy Cabins & Cottages, this is the park you came here specifically to visit, right!? Every season boasts new features and spetacular scenery, so you can visit over and over again and never get bored with the incredible exhileration you feel, that draws you to the Cumberland Plateau and Fall Creek Falls in Spencer, Tennessee.

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Rock Island State Park

Rock Island

Rock Island State Park is an 883 acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake where Caney Fork, Collins and Rocky Rivers converge - only 25~ miles from Cozy Cabins & Cottages. The rugged beauty of the park includes the Caney Fork Gorge below Great Falls Dam. These overlooks are some of the most scenic and significant along the Eastern Highland Rim. Great Falls is a 30 foot horseshoe cascading waterfall, located below the 19th century cotton textile mill that it powered over 100 years ago.

The Caney Fork River Gorge contains scenic overlooks, waterfalls, deep pools and limestone paths perfect for hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking and exploring. It also features a natural sand beach and boating access on Center Hill Lake.

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Hemlock Falls

Prater Place / Hemlock Falls

Prater Place / Hemlock Falls is a small but peacefully splendid oasis. Trails often littered with wildflowers. Located ~20 minutes from Fall Creek Falls State Park north Entrance. Head west on Highway 30 from Fall Creek Falls and turn right onto to 285 west. This is a 6 mile round trip hike. Often times you can join group hikes organized by the park rangers. Click here for a map

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Rylander Cascades

Lost Creek

Lost Creek is accessible from Big Bottom Road / Whites Cave Road in Sparta, TN (White County). There is public access to the Caney Fork River at Mitchell Ford River Access park, the Big Bottom Unit area of Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness Wildlife Mgmt Area (18K acres) - for hooved animal riding, off road vehicle use and hunting (all by permit only) - and Rylander Cascades + Virgin Falls trails and Lost Creek itself. All beautiful places to visit for the avid adventurer. Just under 30 miles from Cozy Cabins & Cottages - a meadering ride along some of our areas most beautiful country roads. Click here for location.

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Old Davis House

Beecher Wallace Homestead and Davis House

The old Davis House is accessible from the Beecher Wallace Homestead located in the Dog Cove area of Lost Creek, not far from Fall Creek Falls State Park. Added to Tennessess's public lands and announced in January 2019. The homestead addition is located on the southern end of Dog Cove and features a barn, sheds and a farmhouse originally constructed in the late 1800s. Dog Cove is a day-use area with eight miles of trails known for its creeks. A large portion of Dog Cove was privately owned by descendants of the Wallace family for more than 100 years. Members of the family worked with the state and The Land Trust to make the land accessible to the public and bring it under state protection. GPS to 6747 Lost Creek Road, Sparta TN
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Coke Ovens Dunlap

Coke Ovens

Visitors can explore this 62 acre park and the remains of 268 beehive coke ovens used in the early 1900's to convert coal into industrial coke, a product used to smelt iron ore. Open daily for self guided tours, the Coke Ovens provides a unique perspective on coal mining of the 19th and 20th century. On weekends, visit the museum to learn more about the history of this site. Call ahead to verify hours of operation.

The drive from Cozy Cabins into the Sequatchie Valley will present you will spectacular views of the rock wall that descends the Cummberland Plateau. During winter months you'll witness incredible icicle formations and during rainy season, many waterfalls can be sited jetting out here and there. Shopping and restaurants are available for you to visit as well during your trip to Dunlap.

Savage Gulf State Natural Area

Savage Gulf

Located less than 25 miles from Cozy Cabins, or 30 minutes, Savage Gulf is a 15,590-acre state natural area, carved into the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau in Grundy and Sequatchie Counties. The sheer sandstone cliffs and canyons make it one of Tennessee’s most rugged and scenic areas. Stone Door, a 10-by-100-foot crack, stretches from the top of the escarpment into the gorge, like a giant door left ajar.

Native Americans used Savage Gulf as a passageway. Gorges feature breathtaking waterfalls. Greeter Falls drops over a 15-foot upper ledge, then plummets over a 50-foot lower ledge into a cold, clear plunge pool. Savage Creek enters its gorge over cascades and drops 30-foot at Savage Falls. Collins River and Ranger Creek have waterfalls that drop over limestone ledges and flow into sinks where they disappear.

Virgin Falls

Virgin Falls

The hike into Virgin Falls, is a spectacular 9-11 mile adventure! It should be considered a strenuous hike. The trail descends around 900 foot in elevation along a path that in many areas is rocky with uneven footing. Most of the way it follows the river with many clear-water pools for wading. Please allow 5 to 9 hours for the hike. It is recommended to start the hike early in the day, in order to give yourself plenty of daylight. Know your physical ability! And be prepared with water, food, and clothing for the season. All hikers should let a family member or a friend know of their hiking plans, and expected time back home. At 1.5 miles there is a cable crossing at Big Laurel Creek: if the creek is flooding, please do not attempt to cross!

Burgess Falls State Park

Burgess Falls

The entrance to Burgess Falls State Park is located just off Tennessee State Route 135 roughly halfway between Cookeville and Sparta - less than an hours drive from Cozy Cabins. The park is open year-round, but is closed on days of high precipitation due to the Falling Water River's volatility.

The Burgess family used the river's rapids to power a grist mill and eventually a saw mill which supplied early settlers with corn meal and lumber. A 1.5-mile loop trail follows the bluffs along the south bank of the gorge, starting at Falling Water Cascades and ending at a platform overlooking Burgess Falls. Little Falls and Middle Falls are also visible from the trail. A stairway leads down to the overhang of Burgess Falls and continues down into the gorge. A second loop trail follows the ridgeline southwest of Burgess Falls.

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Cumberland Mountain State Park

Cumberland Mountain

Cumberland Mountain State Park Homesteads Tower Museum, located 1 mile from the park itself, recalls the development of the Cumberland Homestead Community of the 1930s. The octagonal Cumberlands Tower was originally constructed by the CCC between 1937 and 1938 using Crab Orchard Stone to house the Cumberland Homesteads offices. The tower features a water tank and a 97-step stairway to the lookout platform at the top with views of the park. The base features a museum at its base with exhibits about the history of the Homesteads project and its residents, and period displays. Visitors can also tour an original Homesteads house which has been furnished to appear as during the Depression.

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